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If you love rock ‘n’ roll—and are moved by music and lyrics that really capture your heart and soul—you need to know Sobak. I’m passionate about producing a new, refreshing sound that’s been inspired by greats like Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motley Crue and Poison. My goal: to rock your world in a way that’s unique and memorable.


It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll—But You’ll Love It!


My mission is to bring rock music back into the mainstream via sizzling live performances and CDs from the Tate Music Group label. If you’re a rock aficionado, once you hear my music, you’ll be hooked.

(Check it out here.) I look forward to touching your life with my songs, which I perform with other experienced pros by my side (some of whom have shared the stage with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin).

Let us entertain you-embrace the Sobak experience!







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