About Anthony Sobak


A prolific vocalist and songwriter, Anthony Sobak was raised in a very musical family. At the age of 15, he was already performing and writing music, and two years later, his first song, “Drugs Don’t Do It,” was published and released nationwide by first lady Nancy Reagan for the Just Say No Foundation as part of a compilation album. Sobak was the only unsigned artist on the album and was chosen as the “rock artist of choice” for the campaign.


Sobak studied music at Ball State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he earned two degrees. He gained a wealth of experience performing around Las Vegas and became knowledgeable about the recording process while participating in many in-studio recording sessions.


With a strong presence throughout Nevada and California, Sobak has earned the respect of fans and music industry professionals with memorable performances and many songs with great lyrics and hooks throughout the years. In 2005, Amercord Records in Hollywood released a Sobak original nationwide on a compilation album.


Sobak’s original music has been played on many radio stations across the U.S., allowing him to capture the hearts of many new fans. Sobak writes from the heart, inspired by his own life experiences, speaking straight from the soul about love, loss, dreams, relationships, and the struggles of everyday life. His mission is to touch as many lives as possible.






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